Cucumber Radish Salad

Gather Your Ingredients

-cucumber -radish -red onion -fresh dill -extra-virgin olive oil -red wine vinegar -honey -lemon -garlic powder -salt


Thinly and evenly slice cucumbers, radishes, and onion. Chop dill and add all to a mixing bowl.


Add olive oil, red wine vinegar, honey, lemon juice, garlic, and salt to mason jar. Shake until dressing is well mixed.


Pour the dressing over the veggies and mix until veggies are fully coated.

I recommend letting the salad sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before serving. Best served the day it's made.


There are lots of ways to customize this cucumber radish salad. Try adding some of the below: - chickpeas - crumbled feta or goat cheese - cherry tomatoes - green onion

This salad is an easy side dish full of crisp cucumbers and fresh veggies.  It's light, refreshing, and full of vibrant flavors. Can't wait for you to try it.

Get the full recipe for this cucumber radish salad, plus more tips and notes, by clicking the link below.