Chicken & Kale Soup (one pot)

gluten free | dairy free 

-carrots -celery -yellow onion -chicken broth -bay leaves -oregano -thyme -turmeric -salt & pepper -olive oil -garlic -chicken breast -kale


Sautee veggies and spices in a large stock pot. Add broth, chicken breasts, and bay leaves.


Bring to a simmer and allow chicken to cook in broth. Once chicken is fully cooked, remove from pot and shred using two forks. 


Return shredded chicken to pot and add kale leaves. Allow to simmer so kale leaves can wilt. Serve and enjoy! 


Looking for chicken noodle soup? Add in your favorite cooked noodles. Want more protein? Add in some white beans.  Or add a splash of lemon for more flavor!

This is the best chicken and kale soup recipe! Made with immune-boosting ingredients like fresh garlic, leafy green kale, bone broth, and golden turmeric. This healthy chicken soup comes together quickly in one pot and is so easy to make.

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